Dr. Amend’s Pheromone Advantage – Unscented to Be Worn with Your Cologne or Perfume to Attract Women by Dr Amend


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5 KEY Features of Pheromone Advantage to Attract Women 1.) Unscented -- Pheromone Advantage does not contain any fragrance or smell like any kind of cologne or perfume. It is virtually odorless so you can wear it with your favorite cologne, perfume or essential oils. 2.) Made with Lab Grade Human Pheromones -- Pheromone Advantage is made with lab grade human synthetic pheromones of the highest quality and greater than 98% purity. Our pheromones are bio-safe, and are molecular equivalents to pheromones produced by the body and have the added benefit of not being derived from live tissue. 3.) Three-In-One Pheromone Formulation - By delicately and synergistically combining all the most powerful human pheromones known to be effective in stimulating attraction and sexual urges, this formulation leaves nothing to chance and is most effective in activating the VNO and olfactory glands in every possible way. Customer reports of responses are off the chart! 4.) 29.5 ml Per Bottle with Maximum Concentration -- Other pheromone products that actually use a true human pheromone lack sufficient concentrations. In contrast Pheromone Advantage has been specifically formulated to emit effective levels of all three pheromones for 12 to 24 hours after application. 5.) Water Soluble Liquid -- Again, almost all other pheromones products strictly use alcohol based suspensions, and when applied to the skin they evaporate almost immediately. Pheromone Advantage is only 10% alcohol and 90% DPG (a water soluble solution) and is designed to diffuse evenly throughout the 12 to 24 hour range of effectiveness.
Dr. Amend's Pheromone Advantage - Unscented to Be Worn with Your Cologne or Perfume to Attract Women