Love + Toast Paper Flower Little Luxe Eau De Parfum-0.33 oz.


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No Small Matter

Sometimes you might need to freshen up in the most unlikely of, say, right after an energetic concert or for your post-theater dinner - occasions that don't call for large carryalls for your inventory of magic beauty potions. love & toast makes it easy to rejuvenate whenever you need to with the mini versions of its entire line of perfumes.

    •Never tested on animals
    •Includes natural alcohol

Because Little Luxe Eau De Parfum is just the right teeny-tiny size, no purse or handbag is too small, making if that much easier to tote your signature love & toast scent with you anywhere you go.

Especially suited for: All Skin Types

Essential elements: The Paper Flower perfume contains notes of waterlily, dewberry, rose and ylang ylang.
Love & Toast