Narciso Rodriguez Limited Edition Eau de Toilette Delicate Spray for Women, 4.2 Ounce


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For Her Eau de Toilette Delicate is a bright and captivating fragrance, with an opalescent shimmer. Deliciously addictive fig notes replace the osmanthus notes of the original Eau de Toilette, bringing freshness to the fragrance. 4.2 oz. Young and very modern American designer of Cuban origins Narciso Rodriguez has launched his first fragrances which has instantly become the hit in the US, and not only there. The new modern aroma is aimed at the modern and free woman, who is aware of her sexuality. Popularity of this fragrance (regardless of its unusual composition and a heavy character, and perhaps exactly because of that) is easy to explain because it reflects a desire of every woman to attract and seduce, and this fragrance has openly sexual character. Unusual lustful composition is created with the sensual musk in its centre, surrounded by orange, osmanthus and amber. The base unites vanilla, amber and vetiver. Intensive sharp scent with hidden and scarcely discernible densely-sweet nuance in the centre later turns into a soft and balmy powder. The aggression disappears and the fragrance becomes tame and gentle.
For Her Eau de Toilette Delicate Spray (Limited Edition) - 125ml/4.2oz