Sandalwood, 100% Pure Essential Oil – Promotes Healthy Sleep, Libido and Great Skin -15 ml


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Sandalwood, the sacred oil that's supported by science! The history of sandalwood essential oil stretches back literally thousands of years, and in Hindu culture this remarkable essence is actually considered's scientists agree on one thing - it's an amazing oil!---Long before anyone could say quite why, sandalwood was known to have an almost magical calming effect, allowing deeper and easier meditation, restful sleep and yes, aiding the erotic ambitions of countless generations of lovers!----As any Agony Aunt will confirm, the mechanics of successful and satisfying intimacy require that both partners be relaxed and confident, and sandalwood does that every time! Today we know why...----Sandalwood is sexy! The ability of this mysterious oil to relax your body and mind, without making you groggy or too sleepy, is now understood. Put simply, it's packed full of sesquiterpenes, which stimulate your pineal gland. The result is that your entire nervous system unwinds into a relaxed, easygoing state of natural peace and acceptance.----Wounds and wrinkles? How does this sandalwood help those? Well for wounds sandalwood is a powerful and proven antiseptic - trees are very good at protecting themselves from bacteria - and is well-known for its ability to help wounds heal quickly and cleanly. The anti-wrinkle secrets of sandalwood are perhaps less familiar, although its skin-tightening astringent properties are a strong clue! Actually sandalwood has also been used to fight wrinkles for millennia, as it can soften and moisturize your skin even as it tightens it, making it doubly effective for skin that looks, and feels, many years younger!----This high quality product comes with our 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee, because we're sure you'll absolutely adore this professional grade essential oil.
WHAT YOU WILL GET FROM DESENSUA PREMIUM PURE OIL: NO Fillers, NO Additives, NO Synthetics, NO Bases or Carrier Oils- DeSensua Essential Oil is 100% Pure Luxurious Oil. All DeSensua oils are GC/MS certified.