The Fragrance Chronicles


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Red Roses Fragrance ChronicleTM The Red Roses Fragrance ChronicleTM tells the story of an elegant and luxurious floral fragrance composed from seven of the world's most expensive varieties of rose. It's voluptuous character unfolds like the enticing scent from a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. With a twist of fragrant herbs teasing the senses and a fresh yet sensual sparkle, Red Roses lingers delicately on the skin. This elegant scent possesses an intensity that's impossible to resist, one which ensures a lasting allure. The Red Roses Fragrance ChronicleTM contains Red Roses Cologne 30ml, Moroccan Mint Leaf Cologne Accord 9ml, Ice Rose Cologne Accord 9ml and the Honeycomb Cologne Accord 9ml and comes creatively packaged in a story book gift box.